Retech (a manufacturer of stainless-steel equipment) decided to implement a solution that automates the storage of pipes, rods and profiles up to 6 meters long.  

This ensures their high-performance laser cutter always has materials lined up. 

Baumalog custom designed and manufactured a 119 000 kg vertical lift machine that could store several hundred assortments of stainless-steel pipes and profiles.  

The 8-meter high automated warehouse consists of; 

  •  A load-bearing structure  
  • With two rows of racks4 columns,  
  • 68 movable trays with dimensions of 6200 mm x 450 mm x 600mm  
  • Each tray has a load capacity of 1750 kg each. 

The loading of goods into the warehouse takes place outside using a forklift, without transporting packages of pipes and profiles inside the manufacturing facility 

Transport of materials to two laser cutters for the pipes takes place in automatic mode inside the hall, which has considerably reduced the manufacturing time (Less than 2 minutes).

The system allows for full control of inventory, minimum statuses, location management, order fulfillment (completion, picking, returns, loading), management and differentiation of operators based on the use of logins and passwords. 

The system also includes diagnostic module that provides full control over the technical side of the warehouse ensuring minimum downtimes or malfunctions. 

“This is another completed installation of an advanced system for automatic storage and transport of long-load materials using a stacker crane (Baumalog Vertical Lift Machine)” – said Marcin Kozłowski, CEO of Baumalog. 

Benefits of implementing the system: 

  • shortening the execution time of production orders 
  • ensuring production continuity 
  • saving storage space 
  • full information about the inventory being stored 
  • increased worker safety 
  • An increase in work efficiency 

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