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DALMEC Industrial Manipulators has fifty-years experience and it was the first company to specialise in the design and production of manipulators. DALMEC focusses on constant innovations to guarantee maximum safety. The experience allows DALMEC to obtain customised pneumatic components from the best suppliers worldwide. The DALMEC range varies with 12 manipulator models, customised in line with each customer needs.


DALMEC Industrial Manipulators are designed for manual handling of goods, in line to reduce risks of injuries. Their ergonomic solutions will increase productivity as manipulators are created with different engineering solutions, tailored to suit each industry.

DALMEC Manipulators using pneumatic components are preferable for different reasons:

  • Pneumatic components are safe and clean to use.

  • Pneumatic components are accurate, reliable and easy to maintain.

  • The compressed air allows storage of energy in case of emergency.

  • The simple swivel joints allow a 360° continuous rotation.

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