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Since 1963 DALMEC has become the world leader in the field of industrial manipulators.

More than 50,000 manipulators are in use throughout the industrialised areas of all five continents.

DALMEC Industrial Manipulators allow the ergonomic, safe and effective handling of any product.

Perfectly balancing the loads, it allows the gripping and handling in a virtually weightless manner in any direction allowing the operator to work effortlessly in maximum safety and ergonomic conditions.

DALMEC is the response to the need to handle loads of different types and can be installed at any stage of the production process.

DALMEC Industrial Manipulators are customised and designed taking into consideration specific movements, operations and requirements of the production process of every customer.

Dalmec Megapartner MG

Dalmex Maxipartner MX

Dalmec Partner - PS

Dalmec Partner EQUO

Dalmec Posivel - PV

Dalmec Posifil - PF

Dalmec Minipartner - MP

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