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Tilly’s Crawler Parts

The company have 3, 15-year-old D250 machines, which proved to be so reliable that a decision was made to purchase new Modula vertical lift machines.

2 x 9.9 m high MX50Ds were installed. A unique feature of this installation is that the roof height had to be extended by 4 metres to accommodate these machines.


Startrack is one of the largest 3PL distributors. They have invested in 4 9.3 m high ML25Ds.

This is the largest single installation of Modula Lift machines and the first to include Put to Light technology.

Startrack chose Modula as we are the “Rolls Royce” of the industry. Modula vertical lift machines have the best design elements, which translate into reliable lift machines.


Elphinstone had previously purchased a Modula vertical lift machine and became repeat customers. The company recently chose to install 2 x ML75D vertical lift machines.

Elphinstone boasts the highest Modula machine in Australia; it measures an astonishing 13 m in height.

Modula’s unique weight distribution plate technology was installed to satisfy the structural engineers’ concerns about the warehouse floor load capacity.

G James

G James is a national company that supplies glass and aluminum windows.

They have recently installed a new aluminum extrusion press with a unique handling system – the first to go into operation in the world.

VLM won the tender to supply a Modula 6.1m high MC50D vertical lift machine.

Both the automated storage system and the company’s new extrusion line have been manufactured and supplied by Italian companies.

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