For years now, Modula has been transforming warehouses around the world, making them tidy, clean, safe, and agile. The product range includes vertical and horizontal automated storage systems that can be adapted to any sector and industrial environment, including the hardware and tooling sectors.

Modula’s automated storage systems are, in fact, an optimal choice for retailers of small hardware items in need of efficient management, as well as for large distributors of products and tools in the market of a real-time inventory management and monitoring system.

Why should companies that stock tools and hardware rely on Modula’s automated storage systems?

Because the advantages in terms of space optimization and simplification of handling activities are immediate and the latter are indisputably much faster and safer for operators and goods compared to traditional systems.

Modula is also the most effective solution for the processing of over-the-counter products and for the real-time management and monitoring of inventory.

Donato Demartin, the owner of the hardware store Ferramenta El Mama, says: “In our store, we have an 11-meter tall machine that we load directly from pallets at the base located on a lower level. Our retail sales take place at the counter located on an upper level directly from the trays bearing many boxes of different sizes. To install the vertical storage system in our premises, we needed to create a space through the floors of the different levels, from the basement to the attic. Thanks to installing the Modula storage system in our new facility, our work has improved significantly. We process orders much more quickly and comfortably thanks to the internal double bay. The trays can store countless different items which can be delivered to customers at the counter in just a few seconds. We have noticed that the presence of the storage system behind the counter has improved customer relations also. In fact, during the few moments the machine needs to bring the tray with the requested item to the picking bay, we take advantage of the opportunity to develop a consulting relationship with our customers, with a consequent increase in sales”.

For the wholesale distributor of hardware and tools Ferramenta Gruppi, the benefits are also tangible.

Here are the words of Francesco Bucaria, a warehouse worker for Ferramenta Gruppi: “Modula has greatly facilitated my job, I no longer have to climb ladders with heavy packages on my shoulders several times a day. I just wait for the tray to arrive in the bay before picking or placing the goods, and then the tray independently goes back to its stand-by position without physical effort on my part”.