DALMEC has built a reputation over the years of a manufacturer and supplier of solutions designed to optimize human resources in any production or logistics chain, with a substantial impact on work quality and profitability. 

Dalmec manipulators are equipped with different types of gripping devices able to lift, rotate and tilt products of all sizes and materials with a weight from 5 Kg to 900 Kg. 

The pneumatic manipulators are custom designed to customer’s specific functional needs in the production process. 

Manipulator Partner PSC column mounted version, for bags.  

This manipulator is suitable for palletising – depalletising bags which are stacked up to 2 metres from floor level.  

The suction cup gripper is equipped with lowered controls. 


  • Max weight capacity: 50 Kg  
  • Max working radius: 2900 mm 
  • Vertical lift: 2000 mm