Today the digital economy, e-Commerce is facing a real explosion, with disruptive effects on the entire Supply Chain. Consumer expectations and the way they shop are changing. New models have been created to manage logistics and sales to meet nowadays consumer needs.

Customer Experience
The world of online retail is highly competitive, and the quality of the service provided, that is, sales, logistics, and distribution, is fundamental in online sales. The customer satisfaction is crucial important in the world of retail. The purchasing process must be efficient, with engaging purchasing methods.
The current trend puts the customers at the centre of the digital transformation strategy of retailers, involving them in in all phases of the purchase process and offering them all possible options to facilitate the purchase.

Logistics: a fundamental driver for success in e-retail
Logistics and e-commerce are deeply connected, in fact logistics is often a critical success factor.
Companies that want to seize the online sales opportunity using certain purchasing models must be able to ensure speed, precision, and flexibility. Customers must be guaranteed what they want, how and when they want it.
To do this, every company involved in e-retail will have to invest in Lean logistics that includes automation, order management, inventory, and stock management systems.
The answer for an adequate logistics system that is ready to manage modern purchasing models could be the introduction of an automatic vertical storage system along the supply chain.
Automatic vertical storage machines are the possible solution able to increase picking/hour performance, increase picking precision and guarantee that inventory is continuously monitored and updated.
Being modular, an automatic vertical storage system can be implemented to any industrial environment, ensuring excellent footprint and volumetric performance.