Simplicity of use is one of the advantages of automated storage and retrieval system guaranteed by the warehouse management software integrated into a Modula system. Our vertical warehouse is fitted with a touch screen operator interface (Copilot) designed for the industrial environment which allows access to all machine functions, simply and immediately.

It has a colour graphical interface with simple icons that are extremely intuitive and does not require any particular operator training for everyday operation.

Copilot is installed next to the picking and refilling bay at an ergonomic height. This position is designed to avoid any contact between operators and the safety light curtains which might occur if the operator console were to be positioned in other parts of the bay.

Modula is the automated warehouse intuitive, simple, easy, the best way to have an efficient warehouse management.

“To me, the machine is really easy to learn. I mean, I can have somebody trained within an hour, have them knowing even the most basic to some of the complex items – it’s really easy to learn” says Steve Davis, General Manager of Walser Reconditioning (Minnesota, USA).