Another advantage of the automated storage and retrieval system Modula is that the structure of the warehouses has been designed to be safe, with people in mind, and allows an ergonomics warehouse picking. Vertical warehouse ergonomics allows operators to have all goods within easy reach, with fewer risks to the people working in the warehouse.

Modula vertical warehouses are fitted with physical and photoelectric safety barriers which make the operator workstation 100% safe. These have helped them achieve TUV GS certification which attests to their compliance with the strictest safety standards currently enforced in Europe.

The warehouse’s structure allows access to goods and no longer requires the use of shelves or racks. This avoids potentially hazardous situations for operators who Previously had to climb stairs, drive forklifts or use pallet trucks.

By using the retrieval/deposit bays placed at human height, Modula avoids the operator having to bend down to lift heavy materials and improves workstation ergonomics. This represents a significant improvement in people’s working conditions as it drastically reduces the negative effects of physically onerous tasks.

To increase the ergonomics of our vertical warehouses even further, we can equip Modula warehouses with the sliding version of the Copilot Console. The console easily slides along the entire length of the tray and allows the operator to have the user interface constantly at hand during picking and refilling operations.

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