Modula Vertical Lift Machines offer innovative solutions for automatic storage designed to store a wide variety of products. 

As a result Modula vertical lift machines and storage systems are beneficial for all industries. However with the Food and Beverage currently experiencing an increase in demandour storage systems offer many benefits. 

  • Guaranteed cleanliness of stored goods 
  • Control of all stored items 
  • Protection of stored products
  • Easy access to all items required for the production process 
  • Reduction in storage space 

How Modula Storage Systems can be used in the Food and Beverage industry: 

  • Bottling: Depending on the type of beverage, bottling can be done in different ways and using various techniques as well as having a variety of critical storage factors determined by the specific needs of the bottling location.  
  • Production: Modula Vertical Lift Machines can store a variety of items required for production such as labels, caps, accessories, and boxes for packaging.  

These vertical lift machines can be placed at all critical points in the production process and this is the reason why major operators in the Food & Beverage sector have chosen Modula vertical storage systems: 

  • Coca Cola bottler in South America, stores the bulky bottle mold components in its Modula storage systems, using trays with widths over 4 meters.  
  • Barilla, in Parma plant, uses external bay storage systems to store bulky pasta cutting dies; this bay model enables the automatic handling of the items weighing in excess of 200 kg. 

Other well-known brands in the sector worldwide such as Krones, Sidel, ACMI, SACMI, and ELETTRIC 80 have chosen Modula storage systems both to store spare parts for maintenance as well as store finished or semi-finished products 

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