Global O-Ring and Seal, one of the leader suppliers of O-ring seals in USA was looking to move into a warehouse and introduce new, innovative solutions and automation in their warehouse.

After a long search Global O-Ring and Seal decided that the most effective and cost-efficient way to increase their storage capacity and picking efficiency, while decreasing their floor space, was to incorporate Modula vertical lift machines solution.


After installing three Modula ML50D VLMs, the way O-ring store their products has completely changed.
They are now able to monitor their stock levels in real time, speed up order execution, shipments, and stock replenishment operations, and they have a better overview to take better inventory decisions for their customers.
As Jeff Korkowski, Vice President, says: “It is amazing the fact that we got the Modula connected to our ERP system, so there is a seamless transfer of an order from a customer to the operations team. That can make all the difference in the world for our customer.”
With the installation of the 3 Modula vertical lift modules, they are now storing over 10,000 SKUs (approx. 12,000 ft2/ 1,148 m2 of traditional warehouse space) in less than 43.2 m2 after installing the MODULA vertical lift machines.
This means that they now have ample room for future growth.
Watch the O-Ring You Tube video for more information: