The differences between a vertical lift module and a vertical carousel are significant. In an effort

to optimise production processes, companies are focusing on achieving more efficient logistics

management. Improving the planning of all processes related to the storage of raw materials,

semi-finished and finished products are an important and difficult goal, especially due to the

increasing number of complex orders and tight delivery schedules. To improve order

management while reducing errors and returns, companies must first analyse the range of

products, quantities, resources, and storage space available, as well as the number of

orders to be managed and the target delivery times. Choosing between single-order or multiple-

order picking can lead to significant differences in efficiency. It is well known that minimising

travel distances for order preparation is important. This can be achieved, for example, by

selecting all the products for multiple orders (multi-order picking) on a single route or by

simultaneously selecting the total quantity of a specific SKU for multiple customers (batch

picking). Modula has devised new systems for rapid and automatic picking to improve the

management of batch and multi-order picking and get ahead of the competition. Modula’s

automatic vertical storage systems, combined with picking aids such as the Put to Light, the

picking Station, and the Picking Cart, guarantee a remarkable increase in productivity, along

with the optimisation and simplification of picking operations. These new picking systems are

based on the use of colour codes and displays that indicate where the operator must pick and

place the items, taking into account the quantities involved in completing the order. Let’s check

out how Modula Automation Solutions helps Warehouse operations.

Put to Light

Put to Light solutions are the best choice for order preparation when a fast, intuitive, scalable,

and error-free process is required. In a Put to Light system, the displays visually guide the

operator to the containers in which the items for each order must be placed. A luminous display is

associated with each location or container assigned to an order. Sorting is carried out by item.

Once an item has been identified, the displays visually indicate the container in which the

operator must place the item and the required quantity for each order. The WMS software that

manages the Put to Light system enables the implementation of different picking strategies,

including batch or multi-order picking.

Picking Station

The Picking Station is a fixed, complete, modular picking station equipped with various picking

positions. It is made up of a sturdy coated steel structure, shelves to support the containers and

several Put-to-Light displays with the respective control unit/power supply. The modules can be

coupled to expand the station for those who need to process multiple orders simultaneously.

Intermediate modules are also available for the installation of monitors, label printers, barcode

readers, or other accessories

Picking Cart

The Picking Cart is a mobile, complete, and modular picking station that can adopt different

picking positions. It consists of a coated steel cart equipped with four pivoting wheels for easy

maneuverability, shelves to support the containers, several Put-to-Light displays with the

respective control units, power/backup batteries, and a Wi-Fi system for wireless connectivity.

Mobile picking systems such as the Picking Cart can also be associated with automatic handling

via AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), which are designed to work alongside humans. The main

feature of these collaborative mobile robots is that they move autonomously, even in dynamic

industrial environments, and are completely safe.

Once an order has been completed on a Picking Cart, it can also be transported autonomously to

a different area of the warehouse where further processing is carried out manually, or to the

packaging or shipping department.

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