Modula Climate Control was designed to store materials that are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes.

These vertical automatic storage systems are equipped with a thermal insulation system and a refrigeration system that control the internal environmental conditions.

The thermal insulation system consists of an insulated structure made of polyurethane foam panels surrounding the automatic vertical storage system on all sides.

On the front wall of the insulation structure, there is a thermal break panel with several windows which can be opened outwards and independently, to enable the operator to access any area of the bay.

The optimal technical configuration is defined according to the climatic storage conditions (Temperature/Relative Humidity) required and to the environment in which the storage system is installed.

The system is served by an external chiller that supplies the cold water necessary for temperature regulation.

What are the main advantages of Modula Climate Control?

• Stand-alone structure
• Temperature control from +2°C to +25°C
• Technology applicable to the entire Lift range
• Relative humidity control ≥ 5%
• Easy access to stored material

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