Massimiliano Gigli, the Market Operations Director at Modula, appeared as a guest on Business 24’s programme “Imprese Possibili” (whose name means “Viable Enterprises”).
It was an outstanding opportunity to explain how Modula’s “enterprise” was made possible and what challenges lie ahead in the future.

We have extremely high-tech products, controlled by WMS software that interfaces with all company systems” explained Massimiliano Gigli “in terms of the Italian market, our company has a long history behind it and numerous installations to its name: more than 10,000 in total. Looking further afield at the international market, thanks to our substantial delocalization and our branches in the United States, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, China, Colombia and India, we can be close to clients all over the world even during times like the lockdown last year”.

You can watch the video here 👇