Put to Light

Put to Light allows operators to increase the number of order lines they can process simultaneously. This is because the total picking time is less than the sum of all the time it takes to pick each individual order. The same number of locations to be refilled as there are orders to be completed simultaneously is set up.

The Modula WMS software associates a specific refill order to each location. The supplied system is made up of one or more 3-metre bars which can be connected together to cover the required length of the application. The bars support and feed the actual Put to Light devices which guide the user during refilling of the various locations. Each location has a three-colour display (yellow, red, green) each of which corresponds to a specific Modula machine.

The operator can therefore pick from an individual Modula machine (e.g. green) and then go refill the location which is showing green at that moment. The display indicates the number of pieces that need to be refilled and a special button allows confirmation that this has been done, or allows the quantity to be rectified. Picks can be processed in either “batch” or “multiple order” mode, depending on the internal operating procedures of each customer.