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Why spend the same amount of money for a second hand, when you can buy a new machine?

We always recommend new Modula vertical lift machines when we receive an enquiry for used carousels for the following reasons.

Vertical Carousel


  • Offices
  • Low ceiling buildings
  • Small dimensions and low weight
  • Low tray capability


  • Height
  • Unbalanced weight
  • Weight capability per tray limited
  • Total load limited
  • Maintenance – Machine reliability
  • Volume capability not maximised
  • No flexibility (if the product change)
  • Movement and/or reconfiguration of the machine not possible later
  • Spare parts are not always available
  • The dimensions, especially the height, invariably do not meet the customer’s requirements
  • The price of used carousels supplied and installed is only approximately 20% cheaper

Vertical Lift Machine (VLM)

  • Significant square meters savings in floor space – up to 400 m² of storage Area in about 12 m² footprint
  • Increased productivity of up to 3.5 times over static solutions
  • Increased security with a fully enclosed storage system
  • Improved ergonomics and employee safety Increased picking accuracy
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Integration with ERP and WMS
  • Multiple load capability (from 200kg to 990kg)
  • Modular structure (200mm) – possible relocation – change configuration in future
  • Single\\double and internal\\external exit
  • Variable height management
  • Automatic weight detection


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