Created to make the most of available vertical space and save floor space at the same time, vertical automated warehouse technology is suited to any type of product, in any industry sector or environment, as they can be customized to have various payloads, heights, sizes, and options.

Vertical tray warehouses allow you to store goods in an organized, clean, secure, and fast system, reducing the number of movements operators have to make and avoiding damage to your goods.

The main advantages are:

  • Recover Space

Modula helps you recover up to 90% of floor space thanks to its vertical structure, available in models up to 16 meters tall.

  • Save Time

Products are brought directly to the picking bay using the “goods to man” principle. This means that operators don’t have to move around the warehouse to pick up or refill goods.

  • Reduce Risks

Modula enables you to avoid potentially hazardous situations due to operators moving around traditional warehouses and accessing raised areas (shelves or mezzanines) and/or using stairs or trucks.

  • Increase Security

Access is only granted to authorized operators (using badges or passwords) and can be tracked or even limited to specific trays via specific permissions.

  • Improve Precision

An operator can easily identify the products that need to be picked from or refilled into the automated warehouse via simple and intuitive tools.

  • Improve Stock Management

An operator can get clear indications of theoretical stock levels in the warehouse and can compare these with real stock levels. This facilitates their alignment in the event of an inventory.

Why choose a Modula automated warehouse?

You may have chosen to switch to vertical technology, but it’s still important to choose the right system with the best features.

Here are some reasons why Modula warehouses are the ideal solution for your business.

  • Cutting-Edge Transmission System

The heart of a warehouse is its motor transmission system. Modula has experimented with various transmission systems, from rack-and-pinion to chains through to belts. To this day we use the Eagle toothed belt which makes a Modula Lift system cutting-edge. It is silent, does not require lubrication, is reliable and strong, and requires only minimal maintenance. It is also easy to install.

  • Maximum Payload Upto 990 KG

If you need to store very heavy loads, the optimum solution is to use a Modula Lift with a payload of 990 kg across all of its trays (up to 4,100 mm long). The load will remain stable even if it is not loaded stably, and thanks to the external bay, it’s easy to integrate lifting equipment (such as manipulators or zero-weight cranes).

  • Various Bay Configurations

Internal and external bay, with single or dual delivery levels, standard, oversize or supersize unit heights. These are unique features that will help you choose the type of product that works for you, and the one that will be best suited to your available space and picking/refilling cycles. But above all, your operators can now finally benefit from a comfortable and ergonomic workplace.

  • Unique Visual Aids

Our Laser Pointer works by crossing a red laser beam with a green dot. This identifies the product you need without leaving any doubt. You can also integrate it with alphanumeric indicators on the LED BAR positioned exactly at eye level.

  • Experience and Innovation 

We are a solid company with 30 years of experience and have made innovation our mission. Each year we invest 5% of turnover into research and development aimed at finding continuously new solutions to respond to the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace.

  • Design Made in Italy

You will realize this with only one glance at our machines and this goes hand-in-hand with the solid nature of our structures. 4 steel uprights on which we mount lightweight steel panels that make maintenance easy.

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