Kilometres of space occupied by conventional shelving, buildings overflowing with boxes and pallets, workers who take hours to find an item, and damaged or out-of-date goods that have to be thrown away. This the scenario that a business that has not converted to industry 4.0 warehouses faces on a daily basis.


The lean production philosophy teaches us we must identify and eliminate waste. Businesses operating in different sectors often make similar mistakes when it comes to warehouse management. These mistakes generate huge costs, but these can be reduced to zero.


The most serious problem is stock management. When more articles than are needed are produced, the surplus will remain in stock, to await distribution or processing. This involves a series of costs and issues: there is less floor space, capital is tied up and the goods age.


This problem can easily be solved with the Modula WMS software, which allows real-time management of the warehouse via a convenient PC interface, with an easy, user-friendly system.


Modula automatic vertical warehouses are the most flexible solution to any industrial storage need.


  • No more wasted space


  • No more late orders


  • No more risks


  • No more uncontrolled goods


  • No more mistakes


  • No more untidiness


Don’t believe us? Watch this video 👉