Modula: WMS and Automatic Vertical Storage Systems 

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the software that supports operators in the management of a warehouse:  

  • From the control of incoming goods 
  • To the management of goods during the storage phase 
  • Through the preparation of shipments to customers (or departments) 

Thus, keeping track of each item during each phase of the production process and much more. 

The WMS facilitates the management of all aspects of a warehouse, whether manual or automated, from the information regarding items to the systems designed to support picking operations, through the tracking of all goods that are not even stored but pass through the warehouse during the manufacturing process. 

Modula’s WMS can also manage orders and direct requests to the manual warehouse, direct to the Modula vertical lift machine or to both. 

Manual Warehouse: 

The WMS transfers the order page assigned to the RF terminal and the terminal then becomes associated with that order.  

The terminal receives all the information for the picking through the respective control, so that the picking operation can be easily executed. 

Modula WMS Solutions: 


basic solution that allows the management of 3 workstations (including 1 server) and the management of everything related to the warehouse database, goods handling and location in the automatic storage system, inventory and user management with the ability to access only specific items and trays based on the user’s role in the handling chain. 

MODULA WMS Premium: 

Compared to the Base solution, this WMS offers many advanced features, including production batch management, FIFO, dynamic location management, statistical analysis, and customized reports. 

In addition, Premium WMS also offers optional packages such as advanced picking, advanced warehouse database, manual warehouse management, as well as radio frequency terminals. 

If the company already has a WMS, Modula provides 2 equally effective and efficient alternatives, designed to meet the needs of each individual company:  

  • MODULA Driver 
  • MODULA Link. 


Integration of the WMS, ERP, and automatic storage systems facilitates the optimised management of all resources and consequently results in greater customer satisfaction.