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The Twintower® automated storage system is used to store long-load products (bars, profiles, pipes, etc.) and sheets (metal plates, boards, laminated panels, etc.), pallets and many other heavy and large objects.

The system consists of two storage columns and one transporting column with a moving extractor, shifting trays between the storage columns and the loading station. An additional motor located at the loading station level moves the trays outside the front storage column allowing for loading and unloading with a forklift truck.

Trays are located in storage columns at guides leading to storage place mounted every dozen or so centimeters.

Twintower® storage system with Fixed External station

The fixed external loading and unloading station provides easy access to stored material. Generally used if loading material with crane or gantry crane.

Twintower® storage system without station

The system consists of two storage columns and one transporting column. The access window can be installed in front or the rear.

Twintower® storage system with movable external station

The movable station works in the same way as the fixed station, but it hides inside the machine when not used. The station can protrude from each storage column in any direction. It can also move to the next room or even outside the building.

Twintower® storage system with station integrated with machine line

The station can be fully integrated with the production line.

Loading and unloading of the system can be carried out automatically. The station cam transport e.g. selected type of steel sheet to the laser cutting machine and receive completed elements.

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