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Monotower® Lite is an automated storage system dedicated to store small amounts of sheets (steel sheets, plates, laminates etc.) with maximum dimensions of 3 m x 1.5 m.

This system, thanks to its compact size allows storage on area of 16 m² to 75 tons of materials, whilst providing the operator with easy and quick access to stored articles.

It is ideal to be installed directly next to a laser cutting machine to allow for the optimal use of available storage space.

The system consists of a storage column and moving extractor that moves the shelves. The movement is launched by holding the button on the operator panel.
Materials are loaded and unloaded directly from the elevator using a lifting device or a forklift.

The system is equipped with a de-palletiser used for separating sheet metal packages from pallets.

An intuitive and easy to use control system MS-12 Lite with a 7” touch screen is integrated with the machine.

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