Today we are analysing two Modula Vertical Lift Machines Case studies in the Food and Beverage Industries.

Bertolaso Group 

Since 1880, the Bertolaso Group has been designing, fabricating, installing, and servicing bottling machines and systems for the wine, spirits, and fruit juice industries.

The Bertolaso Group required the materials warehouse to be reorganised to better serve production with improved tracking and reduced warehouse staff.

MODULA installed vertical lift machines achieving the following benefits.

  • Reduced the space taken up by the warehouse
  • Reduced staff
  • Modula WMS software increased efficiency with total product tracking.


Mezzacorona Group 

The Mezzacorona Group has been operating in the wine and fruit sector for over 110 years.

The group manages all activities in-house, including grape production, vinification and bottling.

Its annual production exceeds 45 million bottles!

In 2018 they decided to invest in MODULA vertical lift machines to store labels required during the bottling process.

To take advantage of the heights of the plant, two 5,300 mm high Modula Lift MX75Ds were installed.

The trays each have a capacity of 750 kg and remain balanced even with an unbalanced load.

MODULA WMS Premium has been integrated to control the warehouses in real time, allowing advanced management of all items.


MODULA Cloud has been installed to improve the performance of the warehouses and control their work.

This software monitors all MODULA data such us: picking, cycles, speed, and number of missions.

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