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Modula Lift is a market leader.

Its revolutionary design makes it one of the most advanced vertical storage solutions and an innovative storage solution for industrial products, components and spare parts in any environment or industry.

    Why choose Modula ® Lift?

    A wide range of flexible solutions and models are perfect for different needs.

    Modula Vertical Lift machines:

    • Allow maximum use of floor space, whatever the size of facilities.
    • improves speed, accuracy, and efficiency of picking operations in the warehouse, the distribution centre, or on the shop floor.
    • Modula Lifts can operate as a stand-alone unit or use the available WMS software to manage further units in the workspace, for increased productivity.
    • Optional accessories for extra speed and efficiency. Modula Lift is available in the following models:

    MA – MAD
    MC – MCD
    MX – MXD
    ML – MLD

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