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Modula OnePick


Automation at the highest level with the new OnePick vertical warehouse.

Why choose Modula OnePick?

OnePick’s automatic bay does not require operators. 

  • OnePick is an automatic vertical warehouse with a special picking bay equipped with a Cartesian robot moving along 2 axes (X and Y). The bay is set at a predefined height, so it integrates seamlessly with rollers, conveyors and other systems completely autonomously.
  • OnePick combined with a handling system allows the installation of an automatic vertical warehouse even in areas that are difficult to access, uncomfortable or far from where the goods are needed.
  • OnePick’s operation is based on a WMS(Warehouse Management Software) which, amongst other things, also maps the location of the tray containers. The gripper device is guided by this mapping and retrieves the requested items autonomously. An integrated automatic transport system will then convey the retrieved materials to another location.
  • The OnePick warehouse retrieves from multiple rows in the same tray. An advanced system synchronizes the grip device and the tray movements. This makes box retrieval extremely precise, even when the tray has a random geometric layout and/or more than one row. No matter what the tray layout is, it is perfectly reachable.
  • OnePick technology translates into tray space optimization the entire surface is used, even when the boxes have different geometries, volumes, or shapes.
  • With the Modula warehouse dynamic tray height storage, the spaces between trays can be optimized and boxes and containers of different unit heights can be stored with great flexibility and efficiency.
  • OnePick trays are fitted with special accessories, like partitions and dividers to organize the trays to store different boxes and containers. With these accessories, the tray layout is incredibly flexible and easy to modify. The dynamic tray height storage combined with 25mm tray adjustability allows for optimised usage of the VLM’s internal volume.

 Sophistication in Automation.

OnePick is perfect system for stocking boxes, bins and containers, allowing for:

  • Different weights
  • Different volumes
  • Different sizes 
  • Different dimensions

Modula OnePick is available in these models:

  • MA & MA-D
  • MC & MC-D
  • MX & MX-D
  • ML & ML-D

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