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The MODULA SLIM is an innovative solution for storing a variety of items where space is limited.

 It is ideally suited for Retail, Offices, Hospitals, Chemists amongst many other business options. The technology is the same as Modula Lift but in a smaller footprint.

 It replaces traditional document storage systems (Carousels & Compactors).

    Why choose Modula Slim?

    Benefits & Advantages:

    • Offers Security & Quick access to product.
    • Software controls product management.
    • No waste of space between trays.
    • The best of lift technology built in 3 m2 of floor space & 1,6 m depth.
    • Total payload is up to 25,000 kg and up to 7 metres height.
    • Machine maintenance is minimal: the V-Shape toothed belt transmission system is quiet and does not need lubrication.
    • There are no issues with unbalanced loads unlike with carousel systems.
    • The energy consumption is less than 1.2 kW/h.
    • Optional accessories improve speed and efficiency.

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